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Asia - Travel Stacks - Yin-Yang
Asia - Travel Stacks - Yin-Yang
Asia - Travel Stacks - Yin-Yang

Asia - Travel Stacks - Yin-Yang
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Every Travel Stack purchased = 3 trees planted in areas where they are needed! Learn more about our tree donations to help reverse the effects of deforestation here

Hand made in the USA

Each Travel Stack has an element from the continent it represents epoxied into the charm. The elements are epoxied into the hole and it serves as a little window so you can actually see the elements! Below you can see the different elements inside the travel stacks:

North America: Rocky Mountain rock

South America: Amazon River rock

Antarctica: Antarctic sea salt

Australia: Great Barrier Reef sand

Asia: Himalayan rock salt

Europe: Swiss Alps rock

Africa: Sahara Desert sand

All bracelets come with a 1 year warranty! We want you to take your Meraki on all your adventures without having to worry! So if your Meraki breaks at any point just send it in and we will restring/ship them back to you free of charge! Check out our FAQ section for more warranty info!

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