Meraki Journey

The Significance

Find out whats inside the beads and why!

the 7 Continents

These beads contain elements from each of the 7 continents:

  • AFRICA: Sahara Desert sand
  • AUSTRALIA: Great Barrier Reef sand
  • NORTH AMERICA: Rocky Mountain rock
  • SOUTH AMERICA: Amazon River rock
  • EUROPE: Swiss Alps rock
  • ASIA: Himalayan Mountain salt
  • ANTARCTICA: Antarctic sea salt

The continent elements represent the journey of life. We travel, we explore, and we meet new people & experience new things. It is what makes our journey in life fun and exciting. We took elements from each continent and embedded them into our beads to serve as a reminder to never stop exploring.

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Lifes Ups & Downs

These beads contain 2 elements that represent ups and downs in your journey.

The dandelion seed represents a low point and is a reminder to stay wishful when you are down.

The evergreen represents a high point. When you are there you need to keep thriving and growing without forgetting about the low points it took to get where you currently are.

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Smiley Bead

The smiley is a reminder that life is too short for us to be anything but happy! It’s amazing how much of a difference a smile can make. It may not seem like much but one simple smile to a stranger could change their entire day around! :)

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