Meraki Journey

Tree Reforestation!

With every Original One World Bracelet purchased you are helping restore tree life where it is truly needed around the world! You will be helping plant a total of 12 trees for every bracelet purchased!


Not all places around the world are fortunate enough to have flourishing tree life. Trees have many roles, some of which include providing a habitat for animals, purifying water sources, helping to control flooding and erosion, and helping to replenish soil with nutrients. Without tree life it is hard for anything to survive. Everything lives where trees live!


Not only is the planting of trees helping areas where deforestation is a huge problem but these trees are also helping local villagers earn a living! Locals in the area where the trees are being planted are paid good wages to help plant these trees, which in turn helps them escape from poverty.



The amount of good trees do goes beyond anything we could fit on one page. If you want to learn more about the impact deforestation is having around the world you can visit our partner, Eden Reforestation Projects, website here.