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Breast Cancer

With every Breast Cancer One World Bracelet a donation is made to the National Breast Cancer Foundation,  who you can check out HERE! Below is a little about how your purchase is helping!


How does NBCF help people with breast cancer?


The Story

When Janelle, a founder of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, was in the hospital dealing with her own breast cancer dilemma, she realized how little people know about this type of cancer. Those people who are affected by breast cancer feel desperate and helpless just because of the lack of information made available to them.Why should any woman ever have to make such a life-changing decision without knowing her options? she thought. The seed of caring for others was grafted into her heart at this crucial moment in her life. She survived and founded NBCF out of a God-given love for humanity and a calling on her life to help the needy.

It is vital to remember that breast cancer doesn't see race, age, and even gender. The best we can do is not to be afraid and be courageous to fight together until the number of breast cancer deaths is zero.

Meraki Journey is a proud supporter of National Breast Cancer Foundation.