Meraki Journey

Inside the beads

Before the beads are rolled, each element is placed into the clay. Once the bead is rolled with the element inside of it the bead is stamped near the hole so you know which element is inside that bead. Since the rock fragments and larger salt chunks sometimes make it difficult to pierce the hole in the bead, they are pulverized to about the consistency of sand before going into the clay. Once the beads are rolled and stamped they are baked to harden them.

Elements are collected by locals we work with in the areas they come from! For example Sahara Desert sand comes from a camel trek tour guide, Rocky Mountain rock from a geologist in Colorado, Amazon River rock from a fishing guide, Coral Sea sand from a diver in Australia, etc. Elements go a long way, for example one single rock in the picture below can make tens of thousands of bracelets.

Swiss Alps (Europe):

Amazon River (South America):

Sahara Desert (Africa):

Rocky Mountains (North America):

Coral Sea (Australia):

Himalayan Mountains (Asia):

Antarctic Sea Salt (Antarctica):

Dandelion seeds (stay wishful):

Evergreen needle (keep thriving, stay modest)