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Ocean Conservation


With every Ocean Conservation One World Bracelet purchase a portion of the sale will be donated directly to our ocean conservation charity partner Marine Megafauna Foundation! You can learn all about them by clicking HERE!

Their main focus is combating against marine debris/pollution and protecting sharks/rays! This tremendously helps the ocean and everything in it!



Ocean Trash



What is the problem?

Over 250 million TONS of plastic are estimated to make their way into our ocean by 2025. Not only is marine debris dangerous to sea life and hazardous to human health but its also costly to our economies. The cost of environmental damage due to plastic alone is around 13 billion dollars!


What is being done to fix it?

Since 2011 more than 25,000 divers have participated in collecting ocean debris, in over than 60 countries, and have reported & removed over 500,000 pieces of ocean garbage. In 2016 alone 92,121 pounds ( 41,785 kg) of trash was removed from the ocean due to this program!


Sharks & Rays



What is the problem?

We are emptying the ocean of sharks and rays. Of the 1,000+ shark and ray species known globally, nearly one quarter are threatened with extinction due primarily to over fishing. Yet, fishing continues largely unregulated in most of the world's ocean. The future of sharks & rays, and the health of our ocean planet, hinges on keeping fishing and trade at sustainable levels.  


What is being done to fix it?

Working with various partners to use the power of international conservation agreements and management regulations for change. They advocate for the full protection of shark species listed as Endangered or Critically Endangered by the IUCN and for the establishment of precautionary shark fishing limits and regulations to ensure the removal of shark fins at sea is completely banned.


In 2016 shark and ray conservation partners, successfully advocated an adoption for international trade that regulates all nine species of devils rays, three species of thresher sharks, and the silky shark. This ensures that commercial international trade is strictly regulated to safeguard sustainability, legality, and traceability for the long-term survival of the species in the wild.