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Save The Sea Turtles!


With every Sea Turtle Conservation One World Bracelet a donation is made to our charity partner Sea Turtle Conservancy (STC), who you can check out HERE! Below is a little about how your purchase is helping!



So much of the survival of sea turtles is due to tons of research! Knowing as much as possible about the turtles is the best way to know how and what to do in order to ensure they live healthy long lives. It is also super important to make sure all efforts are showing positive results. The health of the turtles goes hand in hand with the overall health of our oceans! STC conducts research in Florida, Costa Rica, Panama, and many other areas of the Caribbean.


Beach front lighting

Once hatched, baby sea turtles crawl towards the brightest light which leads them towards the ocean. During the morning this is the sun and at night it is the moon. With beachfront property going up all along the coasts some lighting used can be so bright it attracts baby sea turtles the wrong way. Reasons for poor lighting include the brightness, the direction the lighting is pointed, and the height of the lighting.

STC has been retrofitting beachfront property with the proper lighting so they are well lit but not bright enough to disturb the baby's natural path to the ocean. Below you can see a before (left) and after (right) of a hotel pool area that was made sea turtle friendly.



STC has been doing a ton to educate the youth and anyone interested in the turtles! Their programs include online virtual interactive activities, a learning center in Florida, guided turtle walks, Tour de Turtles, teacher resources so material can be worked into the classroom, and so much more!


A couple other ways your donation is helping

Learn more about STC, their programs, and everything they do to save the sea turtles HERE!