Meraki Journey

Original - One World - Shamballa

$ 28.00

Original - One World - Shamballa
Original - One World - Shamballa Original - One World - Shamballa Original - One World - Shamballa Original - One World - Shamballa

A piece from every part of the world around your wrist!


Every bracelet purchased = 12 trees planted in areas where they are needed! Learn more about our tree donations to help reverse the effects of deforestation here

Hand made in the USA.

All bracelets have 9 element beads and one smiley bead. Beads containing no elements are made from Black Onyx.



Our Shamballa's are adjustable and are one size fits all


A little about Black Onyx gemstones:

Black Onyx is said to absorb and transform negative energy, and helps to prevent the drain of personal energy. Black Onyx aids the development of emotional and physical strength and stamina, especially when support is needed during times of stress, confusion or grief. Black Onyx fosters wise decision-making and encourages happiness and good fortune.


All bracelets come with a 1 year warranty! We want you to take your Meraki on all your adventures without having to worry! So if your Meraki breaks at any point just collect the beads and send them in and we will restring/ship them back to you free of charge!

Customer Reviews

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Excellent and beautiful bracelet

Meraki I really love this very stylish bracelet,everybody asks me where I got this bracelet and the support means a lot to me...thank you so much !!!!....and I will keep in mind your products.


Very strong and durable, also looks hella cool

Love it!

Great quality, great cause and have recieved a ton of compliments!

My Earth Bracelet

This shamballa bracelet, my new Earth Bracelet, is the ultimate accessory for anyone who loves the planet. I fell in love with the bracelet from the first moment Meraki Journey appeared in the news feed of my Facebook page. I adore this bracelet very much, it has become a must wear in my daily routine. I truly feel a strong connection with this bracelet as each bead holds a part of the 7 continents, so in a way I carry the world with me. I am grateful to Meraki Journey for their talent in creating a handcrafted piece of high quality and uniqueness with care and love and for the causes each bracelet represents for the planet.

Compliment Getter

Everyone always asks me where I got this bracelet. Very stylish, and it’s for a good cause.