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How to prepare for the Amazon

How to prepare for the Amazon

We have posted a story about traveling through Amazon Rainforest and its numerous rivers! We bet your trip to the jungles will be unforgettable and full of unique experiences. However, it is still dangerous! We want you to travel safely, and that’s why we're giving you some useful tips that will help you prepare for your Amazon trip!

Divided among nine countries (Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Guyana, Venezuela, Suriname, and French Guiana), the Amazon jungle is one of the world’s most diverse regions. 

Dark clothing tones attract insects

It is crucial to have comfortable clothes on such a journey, preferably made from cotton fabrics in light tones. 

It is also important to wear closed shoes, especially in the wetlands. Various small creatures can find you everywhere, so wear long-sleeved clothing on such a journey across the Amazon to avoid bites of mosquitoes and insects. For a jungle expedition, it is also essential to wear long quick-dry hiking pants.

Hiking in Jungles

OTC pain relievers and antihistamines may or may not be needed, but you should have them in your possession

It will be necessary to get rid of the pain or some discomfort caused by the sun’s constant exposure or by insect bites. Use insect protection all the time. The use of sunscreen is also essential. 

Take yellow fever and tetanus vaccinations in advance, ten days before the trip

When traveling through the Amazon jungle, it is crucial to stay hydrated! A good option would be to supply some water purification tablets. Although the lack of drinking water is not a threat to travelers in tourist destinations, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

If you are going to visit indigenous settlements, it is essential to respect their traditions

Before taking photos or videos, ask for permission. In the most remote areas, local people usually do not pay attention to whether you pay them for it or not. However, remember that sometimes, for the locals, such rewards are beneficial.

Amazon Forest Tribe

A journey to the Amazon jungle may initially seem like a fun and easy walk, but it’s not exactly right. If the road is not well marked, then professionals should guide you. 

You should not machete your way:)

The jungle’s humidity can seriously affect our electronics, so it is better to keep your devices in sealed bags. In this case, it is advisable to have a flashlight on hand and a couple of chargers.

The Amazon Jungles are not five-star hotels in Punta Kana. Don’t bring suitcases on wheels or bags in general. 

Trip to Amazon Rainforest

The best option is a waterproof backpack

The journey through the Amazon itself is not a complicated mission, as it might appear at first glance. In some countries, such as Ecuador, fantastic routes connect the entire Amazon and the eastern part of the country with civilization. In Peru, Colombia, and Brazil, there are many isolated villages in the most impassable jungle due to the broad area of tropical forests.

The fastest way to travel in the Amazon is through rivers

Numerous river routes connect the major cities and jungles of the Amazon. Take into account that commute from one city to another usually takes several days. You will have to spend the day and night on the open deck in a hammock in most of these river vessels.

Now you know that a journey through the Amazon Rainforest can be relatively safe and memorable - if you prepare yourself well in advance and follow the rules.

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