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The Best Food Cities You Haven't Heard Of

The Best Food Cities You Haven't Heard Of

Lima, Peru

Featuring signature dishes like Ceviche or Chicharrón (pictured above), Lima was named the best food and drink destination in South America by Frommer. Their thriving food scene is in part due to their unique melding of cultures, blending their native Quechua and Aymara with Spanish and Asian influences. The result? Delicious food that is beginning to become favorites around the world


Copenhagen, Denmark


Home to Relae, the world's first all-organic restaurant to receive a Michelin Star as well as Noma, which spent many years on the world's 50 best restaurants list

Lafayette, Louisiana


Located in the heart of Cajun Country, if you love French influenced Southern food then this is the place to be. Come early springtime restaurants will be serving Crayfish by the pound and while you're there, stick around to watch how the locals celebrate Mardi Gras

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